AIR-AP310C Indoor Access Point, up to 300Mbps wireless high-performance Wi-Fi for SMEs

AIR-AP310C Indoor Access Point, up to 300Mbps wireless high-performance Wi-Fi for SMEs

Quick Overview:
  • Maximize ROI (Lifetime Free Cloud Management & WIS Optimization Service)
  • Hybrid Management (Cloud / Controller / Standalone)
  • Fast Provisioning by AirPro Cloud
  • Automated Radio Optimization by Big Data Technology
  • Stylish Design (Integrated Antenna)
  • Single-Band access points in AirPro SME AP Series

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General Details

What does this product do?

AirPro AIR-AP310C is purpose-built indoor wireless access points specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SME). In today’s fast-changing business environment, a reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi infrastructure plays a vital role to ensure business continuity. AirPro AP310C with Single-band Indoor 802.11n Access Point, 2 spatial streams (2.4GHz), access rate up to 300Mbps, optimized for high-density users in the SME environment which catering up to 128 Maximum clients per AP without any issue.

Stronger Signal and Reduced Interference

400m² Coverage | Dual-stream, 300M High-speed Transmission | Smart RF Circuit

Light and Thin Design

Exquisite Product Design, Easier to Blend in with the Overall Interior Design

AirPro truly understands the challenges of having the best class of Wi-Fi in the SME environment. With the Single-band radio and 300Mbps Maximum throughput per AP of this AirPro’s product within SME AP Series, a cost-effective way to increase your overall Wi-Fi network operational efficiency and enable highly secure wireless for employee and guest access.

  • AirPro’s Cloud Service is an easy and efficient cloud solution for chain stores, small and medium-sized businesses, and boutique hotels.
  • The solutions include equipment deployment, monitoring, network optimization, and operational lifecycle management, enabling customers with simple plug-and-play deployment, operation, and maintenance.

In today’s SME environment landscape, there are many challenges facing the business owners to provide good performance by using highly reliable Wi-Fi networks. It’s also one of the most important internal business requirements, which also offers guest Wi-Fi services to visitors. Few common challenges of customers:

  • Insufficient budget for Wi-Fi
  • Require simple Wi-Fi deployment
  • Lack of IT staff to manage the Wi-Fi
  • Customers complain about the Wi-Fi

3 Installation Modes for Various Installation Environments

Enterprise-grade High Product Quality

The Qualcomm high-performance chip provides higher data throughput, higher user access capability and more stable user experience.

The large memory design of over 64M meets the requirements of stronger AI computing power and higher Internet usage, ensuring the smooth and excellent Internet experience.

Enterprise Experience for SME

Free AirPro Cloud

  • Free public cloud services from AirPro to provide a centralized device management platform for SME customers.
  • It provides a single pane of glass to deploy, manage & optimize your wired and wireless equipment without the need of specialized IT staff.
  • Airpro Cloud also helps you deploy and monitor your network on-the-go.

Enterprise Support for SME

  • AirPro SME products are all bundled with an exclusive 3-year product warranty free of charge.
  • AirPro customers can also enjoy complimentary professional online support which is staffed with AirPro certified experts to respond to your problems efficiently.

Zero-Controller Provisioning

Lifetime FREE Enterprise Cloud Platform

Key Features:

AirPro-AP310C is specially designed for dense Wi-Fi usage environments like Restaurant, Hotel Reception & Conference Room, Student Lecture Hall, etc. Up to 128 clients per AP supported by AIR-AP310C, max wireless throughput up to 300Mbps, this is taken advantage of IEEE 802.11b/g/ n Single-band radio design, with single 2.4G: 5dBi for client access. Each radio can effectively load balance the traffic without bringing additional interference for the environment.

Flexible Hybrid Management

  • AirPro SME AP offers the flexibility for SME to choose the mode of management. There are 3 different management modes for selection.
  • For the AirPro Cloud option, no extra cost or firmware upgrade is required, which saves company expenses and time.

Stylish Design

  • SME APs all employ a simplistic and stylish design to fit different scenarios.
  • The APs feature an integrated antenna design and hidden LAN port along with hidden cabling to hide the messy wires, which gives a professional and simplistic deployment style that is less noticeable

PPSK Enterprise Authentication

  • For internal staff, it is hassled to maintain the pre-defined PSK and distribute it among them.
  • Especially for the offboarding employees, potential Wi-Fi PSK leaked out could be harmful to your network.
  • With AirPro PPSK, you now can easily provide different Wi-Fi passwords for each user.
  • It is tied to individual end-user devices like laptops or smartphones and the same password can’t be used by others.
  • The possibility of a Wi-Fi password leak out eliminated completely.

Relevant Standard

  • Wi-Fi Alliance Certification (Support)
  • Radio Standard (EN300 328 | EN301 893)
  • EMC Standard (GB9254, EN301 489-1, EN301 489-17, EN 55032, EN 61000, EN 55035)
  • Safety Standard (GB4943 EN/IEC 60950-1)
Target Deployment Retail Chain Store, Small & Medium-sized Business Office, Boutique Hotel
Type Indoor Ceiling/Wall-mounting
Radio Single-band
Protocol 802.11b/g/n
Operating Bands 802.11b/g/n: 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz
Antenna Built-in Omni-directional Antenna
Antenna Gain 2.4G: 5dBi
Max Throughput Maximum throughput of 2.4G: 300Mbps
Maximum throughput per AP: 300Mbps
Basic Specifications
Modulation OFDM:BPSK@6/9Mbps,QPSK@12/18Mbps,16-QAM@24Mbps,64-QAM@48/54Mbps
DSSS:DBPSK@1Mbps,DQPSK@2Mbps,and CCK@5.5/11Mbps
Receiver Sensitivity 11b:-96dBm(1Mbps),-93dBm(5Mbps),-89dBm(11Mbps)
Spatial Streams 2×2
Maximum Transmit Power 100mW
IP Rating IP41
Ports 1 10/100BASE-T Ethernet uplink
Port LAN1 supports PoE
Power Supply local power supply (DC 12V/1A)
PoE (802.3af)
Power Consumption < 7.5W
Maximum clients per AP 128
BSSID capacity 16
Remote Intelligent Perception Technology (RIPT) Support
Intelligent load balancing based on the number of users or traffic Support
STA control Support
Bandwidth control Support
Preference for 5GHz (band select) Support
PSK, Web, 802.1x authentication Support
Data encryption WPA (TKIP), WPA2 (AES), WPA-PSK, and WEP (64 or 128 bits)
PEAP authentication Support
User isolation Support
Rogue AP detection and countermeasure Support
RADIUS Support
Wireless Intrusion Detection System(WIDS) Support
Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) Support
IPv4 address Static IP address or DHCP reservation
IPv6 address Manual or automatic configuration
Multicast Multicast to unicast conversion
Management and Maintenance
Network management SNMP v1/v2C/v3, Telnet, TFTP, Web management
Cloud AC management Support
FAT/FIT switching Support
External Characteristics
Lock Support
LED Indicators 1 LED indicator (red, green, blue, orange, and flashing modes, breathing flashing mode for smart device access, and the indicator can be switched off to enable silence mode)
Relevant Standard
Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Support
Radio Standard EN300 328
EN301 893
Radio Standard GB9254
EN301 489-1
EN301 489-17
EN 55032
EN 61000
EN 55035
Safety Standard GB4943
EN/IEC 60950-1
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 175*175*25.8
Weight 0.35kg
Work Environment
Temperature Operating Temperature: -10°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Humidity Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Air Pro Technology Inc. was established in 2006 by a group of highly motivated individuals having a rich experience in providing high class networking solutions. Air Pro has its in-house R&D unit which specializes in design, development and customization of wired and wireless solutions, esp. for large scale Telecom industries. Air Pro has built its credibility over the last 8 years with its best-in-class quality products which have high performance and extremely user-friendly.