Wireless Internet Service Provider

The Wireless Internet Service Provider System (WISP) is an integrated Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) system of connecting customers to the Internet. High-speed wireless datalinks are used to provide Internet access on a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint basis, for companies, governmental organizations, schools, universities and other institutions having Local Area Networks (LAN).

Wireless data links take place of dedicated leased lines where the leased line connection is not possible or too expensive. Basic requirements for using wireless data links are:

Customers are located within 5Km -10km radius around the central site. Direct Line of Sight between Customer location and the central antenna. Use of the 2.4GHz,5.8GHz frequencies (Unlicensed Band) according to the local regulations. In some countries obtaining a special license might be required.

Use of the 2.3MHz to 2.7MHz, 3.4 to 3.6MHz and 4.9GHz frequencies (Licensed Band) according to the local regulations.

Benefits of Wireless Internet Service:

High Speed Data Links (Up to 54 Mbps)
Fast Installation of the Base Station (one or two days)
Fast Installation for your customers (2 to 6 hours installation per site)
Cost effective access for prolonged use and multiple users
Reliable and instant 24 hour Internet access

The WISP can be obtained from AirPro as ready to install Base Station and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). All necessary parts of the wireless links are available as well. AirPro is supplying wireless equipment to customers and providing installation services around the world since 2006. We offer Installation and Training Service for the Systems you purchase at AirPro solution.

Point to Point Link

The Point to Point Link is ideal for Government, municipalities, operators and wireless ISPs that are deploying city hot zones. It can also be used for connecting remote office buildings. Designed as an integrated system that is easy to install and requires no external outdoor casing, cables and other accessories, it is a cost-effective solution for wireless projects. The Point to Point Link can function as a broadband backbone for hotspots, outdoor coverage access points and DSL switches. Carriers will find the Point to Point Link attractive because it can be used to distribute fiber optic network capacity and acts as a broadband backbone for DSL switches and routers.

For creating such connections we recommend to use our 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless Outdoor point to point Bridge Kit, Outdoor Bridge High power or Multi-band Router

Hotspot (Wi-Fi)

A hotspot is any location where Wi-Fi broadband network access is made publicly available through a WLAN. Hotspots are often located in heavily populated places and typically have a short range of access.

Hotspots are often found at restaurants, train stations, airports, libraries, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets and other public places. Many universities and schools have wireless networks in their campus.

Technically speaking, hotspots consist of one or several wireless access points installed inside buildings and/or adjoining outdoor areas. These APs are typically networked to printers and/or a shared high-speed Internet connection. Some hotspots require special application software be installed on the Wi-Fi client, primarily for billing and security purposes, but others require no configuration other than knowledge of the network name (SSID).

Air Pro Access points are an excellent choice for wireless hotspots to securely provide private or public network and broadband Internet access. For corporate users, hotspot access removes the time and cost associated with manual guest access setup for visitors and for public service providers. Air Pro provides a cost effective route to quickly establish a hotspot service, wherever they wish.

Air Pro Technology Inc. was established in 2006 by a group of highly motivated individuals having a rich experience in providing high class networking solutions. Air Pro has its in-house R&D unit which specializes in design, development and customization of wired and wireless solutions, esp. for large scale Telecom industries. Air Pro has built its credibility over the last 8 years with its best-in-class quality products which have high performance and extremely user-friendly.