AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 24Ports 10G with 2x40G

AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 24Ports 10G with 2x40G

  • 24x10GbE (SFP+) + 2x40GbE(QSFP).
  • 1 console, 1 USB, 1 reset, 1 RJ45 management port.
  • AC + 48VDC power supply.
  • Switching capacity: 640Gbps.
  • Forwarding rate: 480Mpps.

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General Details

What This Product Does

Accomplished via a hot-pluggable 10 Gigabit SFP+ transceiver which supports distance up to 300 meters over multimode fiber and 10 to 40km over single-mode fiber (The distance depends the optical module chosen).

AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 supports built-in redundant AC and DC power supplies for different environment applications.

Easy high reliability network
Virtual Switch Framework (VSF) could virtualized multiple AirPro switches into one logical device, achieves the sharing of information and data tables between different switches. The performance and ports density of virtualized device are greatly enlarged by times under VSF. VSF also provides simplified management work for network administrator and more reliability.

G.8032 provides sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in a carrier ring topology. AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 supports G.8032 v2 and can be deployed in a variety of complex network topologies including single ring, tangent ring, intersecting rings, double rings and other home networking.

Multi-process MSTP. When a new access ring can be implemented through creating a new process of MSTP, the new ring does not affect the existing traffic. And each process may run different spanning tree protocol.

AirPro EMVTE technology (Enhanced Multi-VLAN subnet Traffic Engineering) is a multi-link backup and load balancing solution based on multiple VLAN subnets for dual homing network. It can achieve faster switching and convergence of the uplink through ULPP (Uplink Protection Protocol) and ULSM (Uplink State Monitor) protocol so that network performance is guaranteed.

Enhanced Security
IEEE 802.1X port-based access control ensures all users are authorized before being granted access to the network. User authentication is carried out using any standard-based RADIUS server.

Ingress/Egress Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by denying packets based on L2/L3/L4 headers information. And for some services are based on time, the product can support time based ACL to match the requirement.

AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 support DHCP snooping, which prevents DHCP attacks and illegal DHCP SERVER by setting trust ports and untrust ports. With DHCP Snooping binding and option82 enabled, it can combine modules like dot1x and ARP, or implement user-access-control independently.

AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 supports much more L2 security features such as ARP guard, Anti-ARP scanning, and other ARP and MAC Security technology to protect network security and reliability.

Abundant Multicast Features
AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 also supports MVR (Multicast VLAN Register), selectively allows traffic to cross between different VLANs for bandwidth and security reasons. With MVR Trunk function, which could associate multicast VLAN to trunk port, AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 combines the VLAN data into the same link, saving lots of resources for users.

AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1 could prevent multicast traffic from flooding via IGMP Snooping, while multicast traffic is only forwarded to ports associated to multicast devices.

Item AP-SGXQ7200-24X2Q-R1
Management Port 1 Console, 1 USB, 1 RJ45 management port
Ports 24x10GbE (SFP+) + 2x40GbE(QSFP)(each 40GbE(QSFP) can be divided 4 10GbE (SFP+))


Switching Capacity 640Gbps
Forwarding Rate 480Mpps
Jumbo Frame 12K
ACL Table 3K (ingress) + 1K (egress)
Queues per port 8
Dimension (W×H×D) 440mm x 43.6mm x 318mm
Power Input AC: 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
DC: Input -60V ~ -40V
Power Consumption <70W
Temperature Working 0°C~50°C, Storage -40°C~70°C
Relative Humidity 10%~90%,non-condensing
EMC safety CE, RoHS
Main Features
Forwarding Storage and Forwarding
VLAN Port-based VLAN
private VLAN
Protocol VLAN
Voice VLAN
Normal QinQ, Flexible QinQ
VLAN Translation
DHCP IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Client,IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Relay
Option 82
IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Snooping,IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Server
Reliability Spanning Tree 802.1D STP, 802.1W RSTP, 802.1S MSTP
Root Guard, BPDU Guard, BPDU Forwarding
Multi-Process MSTP
LACP 128 groups per device/8 ports per group
Load balance
L2 Ring Protection MRPP
Loopback Detection
Fast Link
Multi-link Backup Enhanced Multi-VLAN subnet Traffic Engineering (ULPP+ULSM)
VSF Virtual Switch Framework
Security IP ACL, MAC ACL, MAC-IP ACL, User-Defined ACL
Time Range ACL
Storm Control based on packets and bytes
Port Security, MAC Limit based on VLAN and Port
Anti-ARP-Spoofing , Anti-ARP-Scan, ARP Binding
ND Snooping
IEEE 802.1x
Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
Radius, TACACS+
Multicast IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping, IGMP Fast leave
MLD v1/v2 snooping
QoS 8 Queues Per Port
Bandwidth Control
Flow Redirect
Classification based on ACL, VLAN ID, COS, TOS, DSCP, IPv6 Flow Label
Policing Based on Port and VLAN
Single Rate Three Colors, Dual Rates Three Colors for Policing
Remark DSCP, COS/802.1p, Precedence, TOS
SP, WRR, SWRR, WDRR for Scheduling
Maintenance and Operation Management XModem/TFTP/FTP
CLI, Telnet, Console
Web/SSL (IPv4/IPv6)
SSH (IPv4/IPv6)
Public & Private MIB interface
RMON 1,2,3,9
Ping, Trace Route
Radius Authentication
Syslog (IPv4/IPv6)
Dual IMG, Multiple Configuration Files
Port Mirror, CPU Mirror, RSPAN
Dying GASP
ULDP(like Cisco UDLD)
Green Energy Auto Fan Speed Control, Temperature Alarm
LED Shut-off
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