AirPro Cloud 9260, Intelligent Management Cloud

AirPro Cloud 9260, Intelligent Management Cloud

  • All-in-one: authentication, managements and access control.
  • Concurrent users 100K.
  • High performance CPU and friendly GUI.
  • AC 1+1 redundancy AC N+M redundancy.
  • Distributed multi-level management.

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General Details

What This Product Does

AirPro Cloud9260 (AirPro Intelligent Management Cloud) is based on cloud technology and provides a new model of wireless network access control and management. With the Cloud Management, it makes the complex network management into a simple, intelligent and visual practice, and improves the users wireless access and management experience.
Cloud 9260 is suitable for chain hotels, education organizations, shopping mall and enterprises with multiple branch offices, it can manage up to 5K wireless access points (APs).

Multi-service, High Performance and On-demand Scalability

Integrating AC, authentication, and network management:-

Cloud 9260 is an all-in-one cloud management platform that integrates authentication, wireless control, and many kinds of management like network management, equipment management, organization management, user account management.

The high data processing capability:-
Based on the high-efficient dual core operating system Cloud 9260 is capable of managing up to 5,000 APs, 10000 concurrent users, and over 500000 registered users, able to satisfy the needs of single user multi concurrent terminals under the application environment of large user volume and high concurrency in Metropolitan Area Network.

Linear scalability of function:-
The function module can be scaled linearly per manager’s demands and may vary with the management plan of managers at different levels.

Friendly Man-machine Interaction

Intuitive interface operation:-
With an intuitive web interface design, Cloud 9260 can assist an administrator in user management, organization structure management, equipment management, administrator management, authentication setting, and network configuration.

Windows-style design:-
The operation interface is a Windows style one which is easy for operating. With densely packed functions, it is easy to understand and operate, facilitating users with fast installation and convenient use.

User-friendly Management
AP plus and play :-

Managed by Cloud 9260, AirPro smart APs support plug-and-play and zero configuration. Cloud 9260 undertakes all the management, control, and configuration of the APs. Network administrators do not need to separately manage or maintain a huge number of wireless APs.

Distributed management:-
Cloud 9260 is capable of providing hierarchical distributed management based on organization structure.

The headquarters administrator can implement centralized monitoring for network equipment, wireless users, and network state of every branch, the configuration of overall wireless network, upgrading of overall equipment, unified authentication of user identity. The branch administrator can manage the equipment of the corresponding branch under the authorization of the headquarters administrator.

Flexible Built-in User Authentication
Multiple Flexible and Safe Authentication Modes:-
It supports Portal, SMS, We Chat, QR Code, Pre-shared Key, MAC, and other authentication modes.

Terminal Intelligent Identification:-
Cloud 9260 can identify the OS of a terminal, such as Apple iOS, Android, and windows, the size of a terminal, and the type of a terminal, such as mobile phone, laptop, and PC. Basing on these identifications, it can implement dynamic policies for different types of ter-minal and present a corresponding sized authentication page.

Built-in Authentication Server, easily realizing WEB Authentication:-
Cloud 9260 has the built-in portal server and user accounts, so it doesn’t need an external portal server and radius server to do the WEB authentication, resulting in both simplified network deployment and reduced network construction cost.

PEAP user authentication:-
Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) authentication can provide a better user experience. The user needs to manually enter the username and passwords only during the first-time certification, the second time, and the subsequent certifications are performed automatically.

Flexible Visitor Authentication Management:-
The perfect built-in visitor management system has fully taken the industry demand of users into account and customized rich, convenient, and safe visitor management mechanisms accordingly:

• Authentication of Authorized QR Code for visitors.
• Authentication of Meeting QR Code for the meeting participants
• SMS Authentication for the mobile population to open a temporary account

Intelligent Control of Wireless Network

Intelligent RF Management:-
Cloud 9260 provides an automatic power and channel adjustment function. It employs particular RF detection and management algorithms to attain a better RF coverage effect. When the signals of an AP are interfered with by strong external signals, the AP may automatically switch to an appropriate operating channel under the control of the AC to avoid such interference. It also supports the black hole compensation mechanism. which adjust the AP power to cover the blind area re-sulted by the crashing of some APs

Intelligent control of terminals based on airtime fairness:-
This function makes sure that both the low-rate and the high-rate clients get relatively the same accessing time, which can avoid the low-rate clients to affect the AP overall performance by taking up too much accessing time.

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