AP-WLC7028, High Performance 10G Intelligent Wireless Controller

AP-WLC7028, High Performance 10G Intelligent Wireless Controller

  • Combination of routing switch and wireless AC.
  • High-reliability backup mechanism.
  • Automatic emergency mechanism of APs.
  • Intelligent RF management.
  • Intelligent control of terminals based on airtime fairness.
  • Intelligent load balancing mechanism.
  • Intelligent identification of terminals.
  • PEAP user authentication.

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General Details

What This Product Does

AP-WLC7028 is a new generation of high-performance 10G intelligent wireless controller. Designed for a new generation of high-speed wireless networks, it can manage up to 256 wireless access points (APs) and is suitable for small and medium-sized wireless network.

AP-WLC7028 integrates exact user control management, perfect RF management and security mechanisms, super QoS and seam-less roaming, providing powerful WLAN ac-cess control functions.

AP-WLC7028 has full layer 3 core switch function and powerful forwarding performance. It can be used as a wireless controller and layer 3 core switch at the same time. It offers 24 GE ports, 2 combo (GbE/SFP) ports.

Wired-and-wireless Unified and High-Reliability Network

Combination of routing switch and wireless AC
The AP-WLC7028 can be used as a routing switch and a wireless access controller simultaneously in a trunk deployment mode, with an ASIC-based forwarding architecture and high-density access-ports, it can pro-vide line-speed forwarding for both wired and wireless

High-reliability backup mechanism:-

The AP-WLC7028 supports the following high-reliability backup mechanisms to ensure that a wireless network runs reliably:
• N+1 backup
• N+M backup

Automatic emergency mechanism of APs:-

This mechanism enables an AP to intelligently detect a link between AC and AP. When detecting the break-down of the link the AP quickly switches to its operating mode so that it can continue to forward data and allow new users to access the network. This mechanism makes sure that the access is available for all users when the AC is down.

Intelligent Control of Wireless Network:-

Intelligent RF management:-

The AP-WLC7028 provides an automatic power and channel adjustment function. It employs particular RF detection and management algorithms to attain a better RF coverage effect. When the signals of an AP are interfered with by strong external signals, the AP can automatically switch to an appropriate operating channel under the control of the AC to avoid such interference. It also supports the blackhole compensation mechanism. Which adjusts the AP power to cover the blind area resulted from the crashing of some APs.

Intelligent control of terminals based on airtime fairness:-

This function makes sure that both the low-rate and the high-rate clients get relatively the same accessing time, which can avoid the low-rate clients to affect the AP overall performance by taking up too much accessing time.

Intelligent load balancing mechanism:-

In general, a wireless client will select an AP according to the signal strength of APs. So, if one AP is connected to a large number of APs while the others are connected fewer, it will cause small bandwidth for each client. The AirPro load balancing mechanism can overcome this problem through these functions:

• Load balancing between APs based on traffic.
• Load balancing between APs based on the number of users.
• Load balancing between radios within the AP based on the number of users.

Intelligent identification of terminals:-

The AP-WLC7028 can identify a terminal in different ways by combining with AirPro smart APs and a unified authentication platform. It can identify the OS of a terminal, such as Apple iOS, Android, and windows, the size of a terminal, and the type of a terminal, such as mobile phone, laptop, and PC. Basing on these identifications, AP-WLC7028 can implement dynamic policies for different types of terminal and present a corresponding-sized authentication page.

PEAP user authentication:-

Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) authentication can provide a better user experience. The user needs to manually enter the username and passwords only during the first-time certification, the second time, and the subsequent certifications are performed automatically.

Secure and Controllable Wireless Network

User isolation policy:-

The AP-WLC7028 supports the isolation of wireless users. If this user isolation function is enabled, only the communication between the clients and gateway is allowed, the direct communication between clients is forbidden, which can increase the security of the wireless network.

Wireless intrusion detection and intrusion defense:-

The AP-WLC7028 supports wireless intrusion detection and intrusion defense features, such as detection of unauthorized wireless devices, intrusion detection, blacklist, and white list, as well as anti-DoS for various wireless management packets, thereby greatly improving security management of an entire wireless network.

Secure user admission:-

The AP-WLC7028 provides multiple secure access, authentication, and accounting mechanisms for various application environments. These mechanisms include:
• 802.1x authentication
• Captive portal authentication, including built-in portal, external portal, and custom portal authentication modes.
• MAC address authentication
• LDAP authentication
• WAPI encryption and authentication
• Wired/wireless integrated authentication and ac counting.

Easy-to-Manage Wireless Network

AP plug-and-play:-

When used with the AP-WLC7028, AirPro smart APs support plug-and-play and zero configuration. AP-WLC7028 undertakes all the management, control, and configuration of the APs. Network administrators do not need to separately manage or maintain a huge number of wireless APs.

Remote probe analysis:-

The AP-WLC7028 supports remote probe analysis of APs. It enables the APs to captures Wi-Fi packets and mirrors them to a local analysis device in real-time to help network administrators troubleshooting or optimizing the network. The remote probe analysis function can perform analysis of a single working channel continuously or all channels in a polling mode to flexibly meet various wireless network monitoring requirements.


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