December 24, 2020

Why AirPro has the Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office?

We all know that It’s a very hard situation going around the world and only one thing seems to be constant in our lives, known as the Internet. In this way, Wireless WiFi routers are playing their essential role especially for those human beings who can’t live without the internet. Simply, we can say that; For everything, we now need the internet. This is the perfect example of the digitalization of our life.

From interacting with people on Social media like; Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter as well to book tickets for flights or movies, almost everything is being done through the internet. Meanwhile, everything is directly and indirectly connected to the ‘E’ for Electronics.

Moreover, this pandemic situation has also shown us the importance of the internet. We can now do everything from the internet for example; online classes to doing office work from home, ordering groceries, and other essential items, we must need the internet for doing all those things easily. Thus, having a smooth and reliable WiFi connection at home or office like AirPro; really helps to do all the work in one go. And for that, a WiFi router is must required, can say Best Dual Band Wifi routers which AirPro Technology Ltd. provides.

Definition of A Wifi Router

WiFi Router is a particular device that helps you to connect with all your devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs or printers, etc. to the local internet service that is available in your area. Meanwhile, It works like a middle man between your internet and the LAN. A Wireless Router receives information/data from and transmits information/data to the internet.

How Is A Wireless Router Different From A Modem?

So many people still confused b/w A WiFi Router and A Modem. So, here’s the correct answer.

  • You always need a modem for an internet connection. You cannot just have an internet connection with a router.
  • You will have a LAN but no internet connection for your devices without a modem.

In simple words, a modem is a component that brings the internet connection from your local internet service provider to your router, and then the router connects your devices to that internet connection. So simple, Isn’t it?

Benefits Of Having AirPro Wifi Router At Home Or Office

Smooth internet connection – A wifi router allows you to connect to the internet anytime or 24/7 without the hassle of any wires. AirPro wifi router only requires simple Wi-Fi deployment.

Budget Free WiFi – In today’s SME environment landscape, there are many challenges facing the business owners to provide good performance by using highly reliable Wi-Fi networks, especially which are not costly. AirPro provides cost-effective and budget free for Wi-Fi Wireless routers.

Mobility – Gone are the days of sitting in one place and doing work because you will get the internet only on your computer through wires. If you have an AirPro wifi router at home you can have an internet connection anywhere within your home. You can do all the work from any of your internet connectivity devices like laptops, phones, tablets, etc. if you have a wireless router.

Multiple connections – If you are still living in a theory of ‘one device with one connection’ then, you must need to be updated with the latest technology trends. Now with a wireless router and its power, Also, you can connect as many devices as you want with a wireless router, depending upon the power output and access points (AP) per client basis.

AirPro truly understands the challenges of having the best class of Wi-Fi in the SME environment. With the dual-band access points of the AirPro SME AP Series, a cost-effective way to increase your overall Wi-Fi network operational efficiency and enable highly secure wireless for employee and guest access.

Each device will run smoothly and will get connected with the router using its distinct IP address.

These are some of the most basic benefits that you can get from a wifi router. If you want to check the advance benefits of these Wireless Routers then you must check some of our products mentioned below:

What to Check While Choosing The Best Wifi Router? (Buyers’ Guide)

Look into the below-mentioned factors while choosing a wifi router from any brand or company.

Wifi Standards – If you want to check the speed of a wifi router then, Wifi Standards help you to observe the related speed that a wireless router provides. It’s best to look for the latest standards i.e. 802.11ac which can give you support for even gigabit speed. (Available in all AirPro’s wifi versions)

Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office Factors

Source: Research Gate

These routers are also compatible with the older devices as well as new ones.

Wifi Speed – Wifi speed matters a lot in case of selecting the Best WiFi router. You must remember that manufacturers will only tell you about speed which may rarely occur in some labs under ideal conditions. In fact, You will hardly see those speeds in some realistic situations like our home or office.

There are no other better ways to check the real facts. However, you can always go for the latest wifi standards which can give you the maximum speed. AirPro has wonderful enterprise experience dealing with SME’s and provides max wireless throughput depending upon the clients’ requirements. This is taken advantage of IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave2 standard (WiFi 5) and unique concurrent dual-band radio design, for client access at concurrent.

Wired Interfaces of Routers – Type of connectivity that matters for you. It’s all about wired interfaces of routers. There are some routers, which are connected to broadband while some to ethernet or USB. So, you must think before buying a router and check what kind of connectivity you require the most.

If you want to ask me for an expertise solution then, you can opt for a wired ethernet connection, and the best one can provide you a speed of 1 Gbps or you can also go for USB connections. USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 is much faster than the old USB 2.0.

Compatibility with Broadband Provider – We all know that Routers need to be connected to a broadband provider.

So, always choose something which will be compatible with the particular broadband services which you opt for. The speed of both the broadband and the router should match.

Wifi Bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz; These are two wifi bands that routers generally have. These are called the dual-band wifi routers.

There are also some tri-band routers available. But for domestic purposes, it is advisable to use a dual-band.

For geeks, check this article to know more about Dual Band wifi routers.

MU-MIMO Facility – Most of the WiFi router miss this factor while manufacturing their product. This feature in a router provides higher-speed data. Now, if multiple devices are streaming videos at the same time using the same router then it’s a great advantage for using this MU-MIMO facility.

Router Antennas – Some routers contain antennas and some not. Both cases are different as like;

  • Some routers have antennas outside the case. Those may not look good but they catch strong signals.
  • There are also other routers that have internal antennas, though they look elegant their signal remains weak.

Routers with antennal antennas that had no position adjustment provide the best coverage.

Beam-Forming Feature – There are very fewer routers that provide the beam-forming feature facility. Similarly, Some advanced routers have this feature which directly helps to deliver a strong signal and higher speed.

It enables the router to concentrate the signal towards some specific device instead of spreading the same signal over a whole area.

Wi-Fi Security – We all very well aware of internet security. If not, then we should be as of now. Having internet security is very important, otherwise, there is a high chance of leaking your personal data/details like; bank account details or card details or, cryptocurrency passwords or, decentralized passcode or recovery phased, etc.

Make sure whatever router you are buying uses at least WPA2 protocol. AirPro Technology Ltd. always enables highly secure wireless for employee and guest access.

Nowadays manufacturers also include other safety features like you can add extra encryption, block unwanted users, etc. So, you must buy a product which usually suits your safety standards.

SPECIAL NOTE: AirPro proudly passed and already certified on all the above factors. And, These are the few points that you should always consider while purchasing a wifi router from any other brands even.


During this pandemic period, a wi-fi router is very essential for us. Thus, we can constantly be working at home using the internet or, watching movies or favorite TV series online, for the whole day. And, that matters a lot when you have a stable and steady internet connection.

Meanwhile, Mobile data packs provide limited internet usage facilities, which we all are aware of. But, If you are using a WiFi router, especially provided by AirPro, then you can enjoy unlimited internet usage facility at home or office.

Obivously, you will not miss Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube for the whole day. It’s part of everyone’s life and not possible without having the best wifi router. So, you don’t have to spend more on recharging your mobile data packs even.

That’s why we can proudly say, AirPro has the Best Dual Band WiFi Routers in India for Home & Office. If you’ve any doubt then why not to ask in comments or directly mail us at And, we’ll feel so proud to help you out.

So, go ahead and check the list, study the important factors that need to be considered, and get an AirPro router for yourself.

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