December 30, 2020

What Is a PoE Switch and Why Use It? – How does Power over Ethernet Switch work?

What Is a PoE Switch and How Does It Work? How to build wireless network over Power over Ethernet switch? PoE Switches and their Working Explained. Most industrial PoE switches feature 5 or 8 ports, whereas non-industrial PoE switches may have 8, 24, or 48 ports.

What is Power over Ethernet? – Introduction to the PoE

PoE is a terminology of the Internet & Router’s world. It’s also known as Power over Ethernet technology. The basic functionality of POE technology is to carry electrical power by using network cables. For example, a digital security camera generally requires two types of connections while getting installed to the home & office;

  • 1. A Network Connection: It facilitates you to communicate with display equipment and video recording services.
  • 2. A Power Connection: It usually delivers electrical power, which is required for the camera to operate it successfully.
Power over Ethernet reduces the number of cables required to connect a POE IP camera

Power over Ethernet reduces the number of cables required to connect a POE IP camera

However, if we use a PoE-enabled camera, then we only require the network connection here. In this case, the network connection will receive the particular electrical power from the cable to ensure the best outputs.

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Why use POE? – Benefits of using Power over Ethernet

In this technological world, things are changing rapidly so humans also need to be updated like ways. Below, we’re discussing the major advantages and benefits of using Power Over Ethernet to make your life of internet trouble-free.

1. It Saves Your Time & Money – We all know, Time is Money. But, we always try to save our time as well as money on things, which are not necessary. Similarly, POE can also help you here to save your time & money as well. It can easily reduce the time and expense of having electrical power cabling installed. It’s surely a cost-effective move for all the 21st century Internet geeks. Meanwhile, Network cables do not require a qualified electrician to fit them. In general, It can be located or installed anywhere.

2. POE Provides Flexibility – Flexibility is one of the most important factors while looking to network and power connection for your IP cameras and wireless access points. They can be located anywhere wherever they are needed the most, without being tethered to an electrical outlet system. They can also be repositioned easily whenever required.

3. POE Ensures Safety Is The Must – Whatever device we use, need safety at any cost. Similarly, POE ensures to protect network equipment from overload, underpowering, or incorrect installation. It’s kind of designed like that. So, Isn’t POE delivery intelligent? You can think on your own about it.

4. The Only Trust Factor Is Reliability – POE always ensures to be most reliable than any other similar kind of components. Why so? Because of POE power, which directly comes from a central and universally compatible source, rather than It can be backed-up by an uninterruptible power supply, or controlled to easily disable or reset devices.  Don’t ever think that POE power uses a collection of distributed wall adapters.

5. Scalability Primary Thing For The Networking Products – POE provides scalability in a simple and effective manner. Thus, it can become easy for the installation and distribution of network connections using available power on the network.

So, you make sure to use POE which brings many advantages to an installation.

However, there are also some limitations on PoE switches you should pay attention to:

1. It Covers Limited Distance: The distance that PoE switches can transmit over Ethernet is generally up to 100 meters.

  • For those large campuses, restaurants, and enterprises deploying PoE, the 100-meter distance limitation is a challenge.
  • However, there are still methods to extend the PoE range—devices such as power extenders or powered fiber cables.

2. Always Need High Power Limitation based: If you require high power over PoE networks, you are bound to make sure the power capacity of your PoE switches meets your needs because there is a power limitation based on the PoE standards and PoE Wattage.

What Is a PoE Switch and Why Use It?

PoE switches are one of the major applications of PoE technology. PoE switches are pretty much popular to provide simultaneous data and power supply over one single Ethernet cable. And, you can say that as the great contributions to the telecommunication field.

These days, we can see a massive increase in the number of IoT projects example; smart cities and intelligent buildings, etc! In all these things, PoE switches have their own importance to improve growth potential. This complete post will describe the PoE switch in a very easy way along with its functions, benefits, and limitations. You may also check the products related to Reverse PoE Switch here.

How Does PoE Switch Work?

It’s so important to know about the working mechanism of a PoE switch after understanding well about What is a PoE switch? Therefore, we’re trying to discuss the working of the PoE switch below:

  • The network connectivity and the power to supply the powered device can both be efficiently realized by using a PoE network switch. It’s all happened over the Ethernet cable.
  • Talking about the kind of PoE network switches available in the market, the 8, 12, 24 port PoE switches, 48 port PoE switches are commonly seen in the market. PoE switches always based on the particular port number.
  • There is the versatility of PoE switches also available as like; unmanaged and managed PoE switches. It all works, when you need to turn to the control level over the network. Example like; PoE L2 Managed Switches, L2-L3 Managed Switch, etc!
How Does PoE Switch Work

How Does PoE Switch Work

List of Popular PoE Switches by AirPro

List of Popular Reverse PoE Switch by AirPro

List of Popular PoE L2 Managed Switch and L2-L3 Managed Switch by AirPro

Devices that use Power over Ethernet

POE has kind of many applications, but the below three key areas are:

VoIP phones – the original POE application.

IP cameras – it enables fast deployment and easy repositioning.

Wireless – Wifi and Bluetooth APs and RFID readers are commonly PoE-compatible, to allow remote location away from AC outlets, and relocation following site surveys.

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